Surveys and Data Collection


Surveys and Data Collection:


From time to time various ACTEM members put out surveys to collect information.  Some surveys and results are posted below for all to use.


If you want to add a survey to this list please send your contact info, a short blurb about the survey, the survey link and read only access to the survey results to


Nate Barnes of Falmouth proposed a central location for surveys....using a google survey.

This should provide an easy place to lookup all the surveys we have runnning now and in the future.

To enter a new survey CLICK HERE.

To see a list of surveys CLICK HERE.

- Includes a link to submit additional responses

- Includes a link to result

Previous Surveys

3/19/13    School Management Software Poll    Posted by: Lori Faulkner, MSAD 49 Technology Director

Description:  This poll is seeking information about what school districts are using for various school management software for SIS, SPED, Heath, Transportation, library, etc.

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3/7/11 MLTI Take Home Survey    Posted by:  Will Backman wbackman@FC.WTVL.K12.ME.US

        Description:  Wondering about MLTI take home privileges around the state.  Unrestricted take home, only with damage protection plan, only on school nights, or no take home privileges?

Also, how long are your parent meetings?  All parents every year, or only  parent who have not attended before?

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12/13/10 - School Technology Staffing Survey   Posted by:  Joseph Makley maklej@PORTLANDSCHOOLS.ORG

        Description: Survey on technology staffing levels in Maine schools.

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