GoEnnounce is a digital portfolio mirroring a safe “Linkedin Jr” for students. Schools & districts license a student’s own URL that stays with the child year after year. Educators, administrators, & parents have an easy, interactive, assessment tool to understand the “whole child” - in all areas ranging from academic progression, planning future goals, and extra-curricular participation. Through a tagging feature, anyone can sort a child’s portfolio posts specific to certain subject matter to quickly measure progression and mastery using the student’s own reflection skills. GoEnnounce mirrors how students use social media and is integrated through a digital citizenship curriculum.

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For schools and districts, GoEnnounce is licensed annually based on student population. For ACTEM schools, get more information and save 10% by completing this form. (this will open a form hosted by Edmoxie.com*)

Annual license: $9/student (usually $10/student)

*GoEnnounce is a member of the Edmoxie Solutions Partner Network. Information submitted via Edmoxie’s quote and information request form will be passed directly to GoEnnounce, and will not otherwise be shared or used for any other purposes except for reporting purposes to ACTEM.


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