LoiLoNote School

 Active, personalized learning app 

 Now available via ACTEM!

What is LoiLoNote School?  

It’s a prize winning app that has conquered its local Japanese market, becoming the top education app with 80% of tablet-using schools having already implemented it.

This active and personalized learning app has powerful multimedia creation tools to boost students' creativity and critical thinking skills and class workflow management and behavior control tools for teachers.This perfect-for-groupwork app is Cloud-based and can be used across all content areas in both one-to-one and shared tablet environments, facilitating both student-centered and teacher-directed educational models. The Basic account for individual teacher’s use is absolutely free to download and use. Watching this intro video will give you a sense of what the app is all about.

What makes it special?

Teachers enjoy its comprehensiveness and how the app has the potential to make the learning process more student-centered and creative. They value the fact that teamwork, peer and project based learning are very well facilitated. Others are excited about the classroom and teacher tools (monitoring students’ activity, locking their screens, screen sharing, assignments, homework, private feedback, easy materials sharing etc.) and use the app to streamline the class workflow. 

The app has some unique features such as sharing students' screens while they present, behavior control tools or multimedia peer teamwork components, all of them strongly requested by teachers. You can also take a look at our use examples stories from early adopters of LoiLoNote School to see how the app helped them to teach and their students to learn.

The school license of LoiLoNote School is now available via ACTEM! We offer hugely discounted pricing plans to ACTEM schools, so you can save from 20%-50% on yearly subscriptions. 


Regular Pricing

Use of LoiLoNote School Cloud Edition requires payment of service usage fees. The application can be downloaded from the App Store and Windows Store. All contracts are signed on a yearly basis (monthly fee amounts are for illustration only).

LoiLoNote School Plans


Shared Tablet Plan


For General Users


For Advanced Users


For Heavy Users

Monthly Usage Fee $.40/User $2.00/User $5.00/User $8.00/User

Yearly Usage Fee

(Regular Pricing)

$4.80/User $24.00/User $60.00/User $90.00/User
Maximum Data Capacity 800MB/User 5GB/User 15GB/User 30GB/User
Tablet:Student Ratio 1:Many 1:1 1:1 1:1
School/Admin Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Training & Support Yes Yes


Extra PD Workshops!


Extra PD Workshops!


ACTEM Discounts

(From the regular pricing above)


20-50% 20-50%



 * All contracts are signed on a yearly basis and monthly fee amounts are for illustration only. Standard contract length is 1 year.

**Discounts will be applied to Yearly Usage Fee. Additional discounts will also be offered† or longer contracts  (e.g. 2 years, 3 years, etc.).

*** Bronze plan can only be used in a “shared tablets” environment† (i.e. one cart of tablets shared by the whole class/school etc). For a one-to-one environment (i.e. one tablet per student) please select from Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

 For additional information and to showcase the app for you online please contact:  patrycja@loilo.tv



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