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Meeting Directions to the Cross Office Building in Augusta

Take I-95 to Exit 30 (from the South) or 30-A (from the North).

Follow signs on Western Avenue/Route 202 directing you to the Capitol.

Take a right at the last set of lights BEFORE the rotary onto Sewall Street. There is a Dunkin Donuts at the corner. Travel down Sewall Street past the Dunkin Donuts, the state parking garage, and straight through the traffic lights.Take the left into the State Office Building parking lot. DOE's ATM site is located in the State Office Building which is part of the state complex in Augusta. The State Office Building is the large gray building directly behind the Capitol. Go to the entrance that is closest to the Maine State Library. Use the telephone on the wall to call security at 4357. Security will come to let you in the building.


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