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The ACTEM Board is excited to announce the REBOOTED and REIMAGINED Awards program. Since educators and leaders roles are increasingly blurred, our new awards will not distinguish between the two categories.  Anyone in the education field PreK -HigherEd is eligible for the new ACTEM ACHIEVE Awards!  ACTEM wants to celebrate and honor those educators that are highly innovative.

ACHIEVE Award winners are professionals who effectively apply available technology now.  They move forward utilizing current best practices and cutting edge approaches. They see students as real people by activating student voice and choice in education. They teach through relationships, inspiring, encouraging and nurturing. These professionals also recognize that further change is necessary, but understand that it is a process for all stakeholders. They realize that teacher and student empowerment is the key element to technology integration. ACHIEVE Educators expect success and motivate through awareness and access to information.

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Making IT Happen Award

ACTEM is an affiliate of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Each year the ACTEM ACHIEVE Award recipient is also awarded the Making IT Happen Award from ISTE. 

The Making IT Happen award honors outstanding educators and leaders who demonstrate extraordinary commitment, leadership, courage and persistence in improving digital learning opportunities for students.

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