Deep Freeze

Workstation protection for school computers

ACTEM is now able to offer Deep Freeze software to K12 schools in Maine.  

Deep Freeze provides workstation protection for your school and lab computers.  It creates a Frozen snapshot of a workstation's desired configuration and settings.  Any unwanted changes are removed upon restart and the computer is returned to its Frozen state.

Faronics offers Deep Freeze software in a Subscription or Peptual License option.


The subscription license expires (similar to most every AV product) and until it is renewed - access to the software ends when the term ends.

You do not own the software under a subscription software model.


Perpetual licenses provide unending software ownership and unending access to the software. You only pay for a perpetual license once. The renewable portion is only for support and maintenance (approx 20% of the license cost). Support and maintenance is optional after year one.

Click here or more information about Deep Freeze software. 


Part Number Description Quantity Price Per License
DFEO.NA1LA.PLO.E03.SN Deep Freeze ENT NA Perpetual License 10+ $50
DFE0.NA1LA.MA1.E03.SN Deep Freeze ENT NA Maintenance 1-Year 10+ $10
DFE0.NA1LA.MA2.E03.SN Deep Freeze ENT NA Maintenance 2-Year 10+ $19
DFE0.NA1LA.MA3.E03.SN Deep Freeze ENT NA Maintenance 3-Years 10+ $25

Call or email for subscription license or larger quantity pricing.

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