Screencastify is offered to ACTEM, NHSTE, and Vita-Learns schools and districts as part of our 3-State Purchasing Consortia.  

Pricing for the 2022-23 school year:

Pricing below is a special discounted offer for Vita-Learn, ACTEM, and NHSTE (and New Hampshire Schools) only. Prices are for an annual license of Screencastify.

School Pricing 

Minimum Purchase: $500

District Pricing 

Minimum Purchase: $2500

 $57 per Teacher

$2 per Student

 $50 per Teacher

$1 per Student

Screencastify works in the Chrome browser, so it'll work on Macs and PCs as well as Chromebooks. The screen capture can easily be done on Macs and PCs without it, but it's Submit feature is nice on any platform. It allows a teacher to set up a weblink that they can send to kids. The kids just click the link and land on a page with a button. They click the button, and it engages their webcam. They can record, then click done. It automatically saves to the teacher's google drive folder.  

A nice easy tool for student responses, reflections and language or kindergarten teachers wanting to hear kids read aloud.

Purchase Orders for Screencastify shoud be made out to ACTEM.

Orders are submitted at the following linked form available below.


Vita-Learns is consolidating orders for the 3-State Consortia

Orders must be received no later than August 31, 2022  to qualify for the consortia prices.

Learn More About Screencastify

Learn more about Screencastify in Education on their web site.

  1. Live and On-Demand Webinars – Register for a webinar host by Screencastify or watch a recorded on-demand webinar.
  2. Classroom Resource Page – an amazing resource page filled with ideas and inspiration for using video in your classroom.
  3. Certification Courses – You can sharpen your screencasting skills with these brief, easy-to-follow courses.
  4. Family Letter – If you would like to let your students’ families know that you will be using Screencastify this year, feel free to update this letter with your contact information and send.


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