Supporting Apple environments in schools across Maine

Impero Education Pro is a cross-platform software solution, combining a suite of features into one consolidated super tool for a school’s network management, classroom management and online safety needs. Compatible with not only Windows and Chrome but also iOS and Mac OSX, Impero Education Pro enables schools to monitor and manage multiple different devices from a single view.

Classroom management – empowering teachers with classroom control tools, compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads and other mobile devices

Network management – supporting school IT teams with remote control and network management tools

Online safety – protecting students with state-of-the-art online safety technology that goes beyond blocking

Our education-specific mobile device monitoring solution, Impero EdLink, is designed to work seamlessly alongside Impero Education Pro to support BYOD and 1:1 programs. Compatible with iOS, ChromeOS and Android, schools and districts can manage an assortment of school-owned and student-owned mobile devices effectively.


Perpetual Licensing Chrome OS, iOS Windows / Mac 
 Impero Education Pro $8 per device $11 per device
 Support (after 1st year) $2.50 per device $3.50 per device
Subscription  Chrome OS, iOSWindows / Mac 
 Impero Education Pro - 1 year $5 $7
 Impero Education Pro - 3 ear $13 $18
 Impero Education Pro - 5 year $20 $26
Subscription  Chrome, iOS, Mac & Android
 Impero EdLink - 1 year $5.50
 Impero EdLink - 3 year $13.50
 Impero EdLink - 5 year $20
Organizational Licenses $500


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