Wyebot is the leader in WiFi automation. Its vendor agnostic Wireless Intelligence Platform provides visibility and analyzes the WiFi network using the patented AI-based engine and market-leading multi-radio sensor, automatically providing problem and solution identification resulting in up to 90% reduction in mean-time to problem resolution, up to 50% reduction in WiFi problem tickets, and reduction in onsite problem-solving visits by up to 80%. In Education wireless communication is critical to operations due to 1:1 computing and the explosion of IoT devices, without reliable wireless, standardized testing and lesson plans are greatly impacted.

  • Special Group Pricing for ACTEM members!

  • Years  Subscription and Sensors Wyebot Retail PricingACTEM Special Pricing for Members
    1 YearSingle Sensor with 1-year subscription$1,500 + Shipping $1,400  [shipping included]
     3 YearsSingle Sensor with 3-years subscription$4,275 + Shipping $4,025  [shipping included]
     5 YearsSingle Sensor with 5-years subscription$6,750 + Shipping $6,250  [shipping included]
      1 Year 3-Pack of Sensors with 1-year subscription $4,500 + Shipping $3,250 [shipping included]
      3 Years 3-Pack of Sensor with 3-years subscription $12,825 + Shipping $9,000 [shipping included]
      5 Years 3-Pack of Sensor with 5-years subscription $20,250 + Shipping $14,000 [shipping included]
      1 Year 6-Pack of Sensors with 1-year subscription $9,000 + Shipping $6,000  [shipping included]
      3 Years 6-Pack of Sensor with 3-years subscription $25,650 + Shipping $16,000  [shipping included]
      5 Years 6-Pack of Sensors with 5-years subscription $40,500 + Shipping $25,000  [shipping included]

  • Wyebot orders should be placed directly through ACTEM with your school/district PO.

Each Subscription Includes:
  • Sensor
  • 1-Year Cloud Subscription
  • 1 Hr On-Boarding Technical Training
  • All Software upgrades and enhancements
  • Quarterly Technical training

Additionally, Wyebot is E-rate Category 2 eligible.

E-Rate Details

Wyebot, Inc. located at 2 Mount Royal Ave Suite 310 Marlborough, MA 01752 developed a Wireless Intelligence Platform that is a vendor agnostic, plug and play solution for WiFi Assurance

WIP provides complete wireless ecosystem visibility, AI-based automated problem and solution identification, historical forensics, and wired and wireless network testing.   

We are category 2, Managed Internal Broadband Services, 498 ID Number:143050718 (Registration number).

Our SKU information is as follows:

SKU - L-1001-NO 1 year subscription commitment

SKU - L-1003-NO 3 year subscription commitment

SKU - L-1005-NO  5 year subscription commitment

For More Information Please Contact Wyebot at info@wyebot.com


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